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Molly Millars Lane • Wokingham

About Kevin Simpson BA(Hons)


Kevin Simpson is a graphic designer based in Wokingham and Bracknell, Berkshire. Experienced and qualified, he produces effective and eye-catching design for all your printing needs. His work will help you stand out from the crowd and get your products or services noticed.


Kevin's passion is branding, logo design and corporate identity. A crucial element of your business plan nowadays should be planning for the future. The best way to ensure a business with few or no tangible assets becomes valuable and worth selling is to build a strong brand. Kevin will help you do this.


As well as general design for print, marketing and advertising, Kevin produces magazine ads, brochures, leaflets, stationery, forms, internal communications etc as well as web sites, plasma presentations, multimedia and other on-screen graphics.


A photographer and copywriter, Kevin shoots for several stock libraries and produces art prints and images suitable for PR and advertising. He has written copy for very large and small businesses and can help you get your message across in clear, modern and concise language.


Font and symbol design is a niche speciality; if you need unique, customised fonts or special symbols, perhaps for equipment manuals, please get in touch.