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Frequently asked questions


Why can't I use or alter the work you have done for us on my office PC?

Just like every other industry, print and design has it's standards. The vast majority of page-layout and design is done in software called Quark XPress or Adobe Indesign on Apple Macintosh computers. This is what all printers are tooled-up to accept. The reasons for this are historic (and a little controversial), but it means that unless you have this software you will not be able to take the files I have produced for your printing and make changes or print them on your office PC.


Similarly, if you have specifically asked me to produce work that you can use on your PC, it will be unsuitable for professional printing because printers usually can't accept work prepared in PC office applications, like Word or Publisher etc.


Why can't you get my logo or photo from my web site?

On-screen graphics are unsuitable for printing because the quality is too low and will look very bad and grainy in the finished printed job. In preparing an image for use on a web site or screen presentation, much of it's resolution, colours and quality is thrown away to make the file small enough to be moved over the internet very quickly.


Logos should be in eps vector format (vector graphics can not be used on the internet at all, and require special software to see and edit them).


What kind of files should I supply for my job?

Text can be supplied in the following formats

  •  Word files (.doc or .xml) (reasonably recent versions only)
  •  Apple Pages (please use word processing mode)
  •  Open Office (or similar Linux files - we're very Linux friendly!)
  •  ASCII or plain text (.txt) (NotePad, TextEditor or other text editor files)
  •  Rich Text (.rtf)


We need your text naked! When supplying text, it would help us if you followed these simple guidelines...

  • Do check the spelling in all text supplied, especially for scientific words or terms and phrases specific to your industry
  • Do press return twice after paragraphs, headlines and subheads
  • Do not use double spaces after full stops
  • Do not use multiple spaces to align text, or multiple returns  to make pages
  • Do not use bold, italic, underlines or odd and unusual fonts. If you want to include bold or italic etc, please use easy to understand instructions in the text, like...
    "this is <bold>fantastic!<bold> text, and this is <ital>less fantastic<ital> text"
  • Do not supply text in any PDF, spreadsheet file, MS Excel, MS Publisher or PowerPoint formats: These are not text applications and sometimes we can not extract the text from them.


Logos accreditation marks and diagrams must be in a vector graphics format: Postscript (.eps) files, Adobe Illustrator (.ai) files or PDF (.pdf) files..


Photos should be  in the highest resolution you have and not retouched or altered. Ideally TIFF, PSD, EPS but JPEGs are OK if they haven't been altered and re-saved.


For printing, we need files that are very high resolution, have not been "optimised" for the internet or had their colours reduced, and have not been compressed. Please avoid PPM, PGM, PBM, PNM, CGM, SVG, BMP, PNG, GIF and JPEG (unless they are first-generation JPEGs, as explained below).


 Do not supply any images or logos in word processor or spreadsheet files, MS Powerpoint or MS Publisher format: These are not graphics applications and sometimes we can not extract the images from them.


Note that you must legally own or have permission to use any logo, symbol or accreditation mark in any way. See the note on copyright below.


Can I supply prints, negatives or transparencies?

 Please give me the original print, negative or transparency. I will scan and return it to you.


What if I don't have my logo in the correct format?

 I can usually convert your logo to the correct vector graphics format. This is not an automatic or software driven process - I will professionally recreate your logo in print industry standard vector graphics format. Please ask for a price.


 Once I've done this it's yours to keep and you can supply it to any designer, sign maker, advertiser etc and see superior printed results.


 I can also convert your logo into a font enabling you to easily put your logo on any printed matter you produce in-house by simply hitting a key on your keyboard. Get in touch for more info.


Can I convert the files I have to the format you need?

 I'd much rather you didn't. Conversion is a minefield area and will usually make matters worse. Please speak to me before spending any time converting files.


Why can't you give me the fonts you used for my designs?

 In the vast majority of cases you will not need any extra fonts. Fonts are copyright and represent a lot of time and work on behalf of the font designer. Distributing fonts to people who have not paid for them is illegal and unethical.


 If I know beforehand that you require work you can use on your PC, I will only use fonts you already have. This does not affect work you have professionally printed because there are ways to legally supply designs to printers along with fonts in the unlikely event he does not have a particular font.


Who is responsible for keeping my artwork and logos safe?

You are!


I will keep on file all logos, stationery artwork, master copies and any other things I produce for you, but...


Don't rely on it; I can not be held responsible for loss or damage to copies I hold and re-supplying will cost you.


You are responsible for keeping copies of all data you feel is valuable, may be useful or save you money in future. If I have to resupply designs, logos or artwork - absolutely without exception - I will require proof of a minimum £350 donation to a charity beforehand.


Can you send my advert to The Guardian? They're running an ad for me.

Magazine and newspaper ads are kept in a different (hard drive based) system because it is in their nature to be changed frequently for each publication. Changing and/or resupplying ads falls under my usual pricing structure but resupplying without change will be subject to a minimum £45 charge.


 Be aware that no two publications print the same sized ads. I'm happy to supply the ad at the closest size I have available but if it's wrong there will be connotations: It may look bad in the space you have bought - this won't do your professional image any favours. The publication may charge to resize. They may just stretch it to fit which will make it look very, very bad! You won't be getting the full value of the ad space you have bought.


 I will only charge a very reasonable fee to resize it properly.


Where's my leaflet/stationery/otherthing?

Are you sure I have everything I need to finish your work? Have you given me all the pictures I need, all the logos and accreditation marks? Do I have the finished text? Did you remember to send me the new address for your stationery? The new telephpone number you were waiting on from BT? VAT number? Company registration number? Did you make sure your accrediting body were going to send me those logos? Did you get back to me with changes or corrections on the last proof?


 Nine times out of ten, if you're missing something from me it's because I haven't got everything I need for the job. I will usually nag you for it, but sometimes I forget or lose track.


We always take payment for printing up front (you can pay for design later). Have you paid for printing? Have you told us? Sometimes we don't notice a random credit to the account or a card payment.


Copyright in proofs, images and work I supply to you

Copyright, unless otherwise stated, in all images supplied remains with Kevin Simpson. No images, layouts, designs, design elements or derivatives thereof may be used unless they have been paid for. In most cases payment of your final invoice will mean you can use the works detailed in the invoice as you see fit.


Work supplied in the form of visuals, proofs or interims must not be used for any purpose whatsoever: again, the copyright in the work remains with me. If you want to use any work supplied to you as visuals, proofs or interims then you must contact me for permission and to arrange payment.


Copyright in all photography supplied as part of other work (brochures, leaflets, sales material etc) remains with me or the original publisher/photographer. This photography may only be used for the purposes for which it was supplied.


Specially commissioned photographs usually have an extended licence, meaning you can use them for any purpose other than selling them in their own right or as pieces of art, (posters, prints, tee-shirts, mugs etc). You may not make the photos publicly available for free or for a fee (for example by supplying them to an image library).


Please be fair, respect copyrights and pay for the work I and other creative professionals have done for you and from which you benefit.


Copyright in images, logos and text you supply to me


You must have permission before using any logo, symbol, accreditation mark, illustration, animation, photograph or text in any way. It is not my responsibility to ensure you have permission to use copyright, trademarked or registered material.


Do not simply assume you can use images, photographs, logos, text etc that you have found. I will not be held responsible if I use someone else's property on your behalf, on your word, if the owner sues for unpaid royalties, improper use or theft of the material. I will assume you have the correct permissions and clearances for all material you ask me to use. This is a very important issue and failing take it seriously could result in serious legal and financial consequences.