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Quality printed sales material


Quality, great-looking printed material reflects on you and your business: It shows you care about the details, the quality and care about the service you receive as well as provide.


Kevin & Kinetik Design & Print share a state of the art print facility with a couple of other designers. This ensures the expensive-to-run factory is always busy; so keeps the prices charged very competitive.


The facility is equipped with litho print machinery rather than digital, so you always get absolute tip-top quality print. Digital print can be arranged where it’s needed (usually for small quantities and one-off prints), but most jobs look infinitely better when litho-printed.


All kinds of print work can be undertaken as well as many kinds of finishing...


  • full colour, glossy, matt, coated and special papers
  • spot colour, very accurate colour, usually for branding and corporate identity
  • foil blocking, very shiny metallic foil can be applied to the design
  • laminating, matt, glossy and “soft touch”
  • folding and creasing


We have a dedicated business card production line, so top of the range business cards (full colour and matt laminated both sides on 410g card) from us often costs less than budget cards from other printers.