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Terms & Conditions — Summary of salient points



Printing: We always require payment in full in before printing can start. We will send a pro-forma invoice via email and internet bank transfer instructions. Alternatively, you can visit any bank and transfer payment directly into the account shown on the invoice, or pay by credit or debit card.


Design or deliverables which are supplied digitally: We will invoice shortly after the work is completed and delivered. Payment is due immediately. No credit period can be given


Card payments

If you’d like to pay by card, please ask for an email payment request; we will send a link to allow you to pay securely through our online WorldPay™ check-out. Alternatively, phone with your card details

  • Card payments attract a 2% fee which partly covers our costs.
  • Please tell us whenever you make a payment - we don’t always notice!


Printing & production

Unless stated otherwise our production method is very high quality litho print (not digital).


Your job can take anywhere up to a week (sometimes more) to print, depending on when you confirm artwork and how busy our print facility is.


Quotes are good for 28 days from date in email header or accompanying letter.


Important Notes


Important - checking your proofs

We will send you a “soft” or digital proof you can view on screen. Please make sure it is checked very carefully and inform us of any errors. Be sure to pay special attention to numbers and esoteric jargon or terminology common within your industry or field. We can not print until we have confirmation that the proof has been checked and is correct.


Check things like VAT and company reg numbers carefully, but check contact details extra, extra carefully: telephone numbers, web and email addresses.

  • Pro tip: Dial the number (and speak to someone),  send an email (and wait for a reply), from the details in the proof to ensure they are correct.


If you can, please open proofs sent as email attachments in a graphics or PDF viewer and enlarge on your screen so you can see clearly.


The best PDF Viewer is Adobe Reader which is free from: adobe.com


Please let us know if the proof is good to print. This may be your last chance to tell us if something is wrong - artwork can not be changed after printing has started without incurring significant extra costs. We can not be held responsible for mistakes or inaccuracies after you have told us the proof is good to print. Payment of your invoice will be taken as your agreement to proceed to print in the absence of an explicit instruction.



We use monitors and DTP systems that are specially calibrated for accurate colour CMYK litho print. Your PC is very probably set up for RGB colour and brightly-lit office use: Colours in your proof may look odd or different from printed proofs or PMS swatches. We very probably have the colours exactly right, however if you are in doubt please arrange to come look at your job on screen at our studio, or arrange a printed proof There will be extra costs involved in producing proofs we can not make in our studio (cromalins, large format inkjet/giclée, press or wet proofs).


Terms and Conditions


In addition to the above...


Charges & Payments


We may ask for payment of additional items as and when we incur the costs, for example when buying stock images, translation services, work carried out by third parties etc. We will always obtain your agreement before incurring these costs.


In the event of unforeseen work becoming necessary, or additional work being requested, quoted prices may change.


We will only accept payment by internet bank transfer, debit or credit card, cash or cheque.


Checking your proofs


It is your responsibility to check your proofs. We can not be held responsible for mistakes or inaccuracies after you have told us the proof is good to print.


We will not print until you confirm you have checked proofs and tell us the job is good to print. In the absence of your explicit confirmation, payment or part-payment of our invoice will be taken as confirmation.




Delays caused by equipment break-down, sickness, accident etc are sometimes unavoidable. We will do our best to mitigate any delay but we can't be held liable for any damage (whether material or to reputation or finances) caused by any delays. It is your responsibility to ensure enough time is built into critical projects to allow for possible unavoidable delays. We can not be held liable or responsible for damage caused by any failure of third parties to fulfil commitments or promises.


Chargeable work


All work and the costs thereof will be agreed in advance. All agreed work carried out will be charged. This includes all preliminary work whether or not you finally use it, or progress it to print or production.


Unforeseen work becoming necessary, and/or additional work requested will be chargeable in addition to the quoted price. We will  always endeavour to tell you about extra work and its cost before carrying it out.


Any additional work required because of your supplying inadequate copy, images, assets etc; incomplete or incorrect instructions; insufficient materials; or late delivery of the same may be charged in addition to the quoted price.


Should the work be cancelled, suspended or delayed by you for any reason we will charge for work already carried out, materials specially ordered and any other additional work and costs.


Your rights to work we have carried out


Under most circumstances you will own the work you pay for, please ask us if you have any doubt.


Where you have not been quoted or charged for design or artwork, we often carry out such work in any case. For example we may re-originate your artwork or logo, re-set text, convert files to print-industry-standard etc.


In these cases we have carried out the work at no additional cost to you in order to ensure you get a service superior to that given by our competitors. You will have no right to the work, but if you'd like to have it, for example to give to another printer, we will charge for the work at our usual rates.